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History of the Bank:

Turtle Mountain State Bank opened its doors on December 3, 2007 as the first privately owned Native American bank on a federally recognized Indian Reservation. In April of 2012, the bank moved into a beautiful new building located in the center of downtown Belcourt. To fulfill the needs of the underserved, we are committed to offering high-quality checking, savings, and loan programs to the community. The Bank is also proud to support youth activities, its local scholarship program, and multiple other community projects. Thanks to the hard work of all involved, the bank’s de nova period is scheduled to end December 3, 2014. The Turtle Mountain community is proud to have a local bank that has proven to be an excellent economic tool for both its residents and businesses.

Mission Statement:

Turtle Mountain State Bank is a community bank committed to providing financial services, support, and related activities to our trade areas; thereby instrumental in the development of a solid economic base for generations to come.

Our Goals Include:

  • To be a community banking leader in North Dakota;
  • To deliver personal quality service in an efficient expedient manner;
  • To develop lasting customer relationships;
  • To invest in high quality loans and investments;
  • To recognize and reward employee job performance, integrity, civic participation, and professionalism in order to promote long term employee retention;
  • To maximize shareholder value;
  • To continue to be locally owned and controlled.